5 Approaches to Discussing Sexting with Your Son

  I am my mothers’ child, which is noteworthy and painstaking (… and that’s another blog altogether :-).  When I was growing up, any time a tragedy, calamity, or misfortune happened to someone we knew – or didn’t know – it became a life lesson if not an unwarranted punishment!

When my 18-year-old cousin got pregnant out of wedlock, at age 9 I got lectured and put on TV restriction! When teenagers were admitted into the rehab center where my mom was a nurse – their bodies mangled and their lives shattered from a moments’ inattention behind the wheel of a car – my 16-year-old life was interrupted because I couldn’t drive her car weeks! And when my 40-year-old neighbor decided to hang herself (God rest her soul), my mom treated ME (now in my 30’s) like I was on suicide watch!

So here I go with my boys! When those children were publicized with this Amber Cole sexting scandal – I’m already in teaching (and disciplining) mode – and my boys are only ages 4 and 2!  I polled other moms whose sons are older and got some good advice on which approach I will take – later …

1. Respect. They should respect their female friends enough not to ASK or pressure them into doing this and/or publicly disgrace them if one should send such a picture anyway.

2. This is not the kind of girl they want to be with anyway. I’m a little mixed on this sentiment because -while I understand the logic and know that there will be girls that I will encourage my sons to steer clear of – I have deep empathy for girls who are mislead into making such wrong decisions. It could be low self-esteem or stupidity – and most of us have had both.

3. It’s a CRIME and they will go to JAIL!

4. They wouldn’t want someone to do this to their sister, cousin, or close female relative that they love.

5. They will experience the WRATH OF MOM in all of its glory 🙂 …


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