Make New Friends

I’m an introvert, an extrovert, a people-lover, and hermit all rolled up into one (no, I’m not schizophrenic – I don’t think).  It just depends on the day.

But I am finding more reasons every day to love the internet. My latest turn-on is this whole blogging thing. I LOVE IT! Talk about being able to connect with people on so many different levels! And I almost loathe intentionally getting spiffed up to attend networking events in person. Walking in a crowded room of people with the intention of getting at least three business cards before I leave. Trying desperately to pinpoint someone I have something in common with. Approaching perspective contacts blindly. Even some mommy groups feel more clique-ish and hard to crack.

But here (on the internet), you can pick and choose. When blogging, you even have the advantage of knowing who you are ‘talking to’ first before engaging that person, by reading their past posts. You are automatically privy to what you may have in common; what you can advise, or learn, or just share a LOL.  And these ‘mommy blogs’ are priceless! There is more of a vulnerability and openness when interacting on blogs. No hassle of the introductory small talk.

And if you make a or post – or comment on another post –  that no one else responds to – there is no love lost, no awkward silences. Not like being rejected by someone who says, “I just ran out of business cards, but you can give me yours.”




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