What the Hell, Bad Mommy!

My 4 y.o. is an extreme whiner.

I don’t know if you are truly embodying the magnitude of what I’m calling ‘whining.’ It’s not a low murmur or a sing songy talk – it’s a loud bawl and protest about God-knows-what because I can’t even understand him!  It could be a knick on his finger, or maybe a lost toy, or a dropped piece of  candy.

But to hear it grates my nerves worse than finger nails on a chalk board.  I would record it and post it here, but I’m afraid we’d be picked up by the authorities (and the Guinness World Book of Records) for the most indecent, sound-barrier breaking behavior by a minor. And knowing my luck, THAT would go viral.

My only solution for this obtrusiveness (and I’ve tried several), is to put space between him and myself – so I send him to his room. On this occasion he stomps up the stairs – screaming even louder. He breaks out into the short, breathy, wailing and such, which thankfully is half-way drowned out by the washing machine. The water rushes through the pipes in our walls attempting to cleanse our toxic atmosphere and attitude.

During a break in the cycle, I notice it’s quiet upstairs and I ascend the stairs to tell my child – who has seemingly regained humanness – that he may come back down stairs. Upon entering his room, I’m taken aback at the destruction. Items from on top of the dresser were strewn across the floor; two of the drawers were off track; the bed sheets were wrangled.

“What in the HELL?!?” (Yes, I said it! And if that weren’t bad enough I said it again!) “What the HELL happened in here??!”  Now, I don’t curse around my child – and really I don’t curse at all (anymore). But this time I let it loose. He’d never done this before and I was shocked and appalled.

A couple hours later, my husband took the boys with him on an errand. The 4 y.o. can’t resist the bells and whistles in his uncle’s SUV. He tampered with a vent but couldn’t quite get it to maneuver the way he wanted – so he was frustrated.

Do you think he whined then? No. He rants, “What the Hell?!”


Never-the-less, I don’t use the word HELL around him anymore. He still whines something awful. But he’s never destroyed his room like that again.


4 thoughts on “What the Hell, Bad Mommy!

  1. Ha! I thought the terrible twos were exactly just that. I didn’t realize it meant, “it starts at two and beyond…” Wishing you luck. I’m just now learning to take some time for myself, even if it’s just for 5 minutes!

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