Realities of Motherlove

I read a post recently by a young woman questioning love, affirming love, excited by love and maybe in love. She even posted all of  I Corinthians 13 and called it the Excellence of Love.  Honestly, I needed that reminder!! Since I’m at a different place in life than she is, it meant a little something different. And it goes like this …

Realities of Motherlove

If I endure repeatedly being ignored while instructing my child to “be still, put that down, stop running,” but do not have love, I may become an alcoholic.

If I have the gift of bringing home the bacon and cooking it up in the pan, if I know all the mysteries of finding missing socks and toy cars; and if I have all faith that I can clean a house, balance a budget, trim the hedges, and plan a birthday party, but do not have love, I’d be on the verge of insanity.

And if I surrender my body to lactation, being jumped on, pulled, and strained, but do not have love, I am a walking emotional time bomb.

Love is patient when juice spills all over the floor I just mopped, love is kind when my husband doesn’t wash dishes, love is not jealous of single friends who went to the Jill Scott concert in their two-seater cars;

Love does not act unbecomingly when my three y.o. screams bloody murder and won’t go to his preschool class making me late for work – again; Love is not provoked when my potty trained toddler poops on himself out of spite, Love does not take into account the wrong suffered when my husband forgets to buy pull ups after I reminded him – over and over and over.

Love does not rejoice in the fact that absolutely nothing will get done around here if I don’t do it, but rejoices in the truth that I will always be needed

Love bears unending loads of laundry, believes in taking hugs not offered, hopes for long hot baths, endures all 2 a.m. colic cries.

Love never fails to keep me from blowing the whole house to pieces and moving to Jamaica.

If you can relate to this at all, I want you to know that YOU ROCK!

Your family is healthy, happy, and somewhat normal, by the grace of God and because of YOU – your hard work, your commitment, and your love.  

But the greatest of your contributions is Love!


4 thoughts on “Realities of Motherlove

  1. At least three times last week…Love does not act unbecomingly when my TWO y.o. screams bloody murder and won’t go to HER class making me late for work AGAIN.
    Glad to know that parenting doesn’t happen in a vacuum!

  2. I love this post. In fact I might print it out and stick it to my fridge. I found your blog via Ally Bean, congratuations for getting this far in the NaBloPoMo challenge. I’ve already fallen at 3 hurdles, but I continue to get up and try again. Love your blog. Polly x

    • Wonderful! I must come check you out! Keep pushing – whatever your motivation (I have to evaluate mine everyday 🙂 But keep pushing b/c there was a reason why we thought this would be a good idea 🙂 Thank you!! You’ve made my day!

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