Rock-n-Learn … Rocks!

I’m not going to lie to you. I want to WIN a Rock-n-Learn  dvd.

But let me tell you why!

My 4y.o. is learning phonics in preschool already and I want to make the process fun for him when we reinforce his lessons at home.  Since I’m on a budget, I decided to visit the library to see what kinds of dvds they had. Voila! Rock-n-Learn was on the shelf.

It’s the library, so the selection was limited and they only had DVDs for ages 6 & up. I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a shot anyway… choosing the Phonics vols. 1&2.

The boys loved it! The singing, the guitar, the repetition. And here’s the bonus – my 2y.o. loved it too! I couldn’t believe it! I can’t even get them to agree on which Sprout show to watch together, but they both loved this Rock-n-Learn dvd. (They call it the vowel dvd).

My 4y.o. repeats the words and the sounds and the 2y.o. rocks out with this little guitar. It wasn’t until I visited the website that I learned about all of the product offerings. The prices seems about average for a dvd and yet, this is cheaper than Hooked-on-Phonics.

However, for now I’ll still have to check it out from the library- unless I WIN! (And I’m hoping I do). Otherwise, maybe Santa will leave it under the tree 🙂


4 thoughts on “Rock-n-Learn … Rocks!

  1. Great info… I work in an environment of students who are learners of the English language. I could see this being an excellent classroom resource if it is as helpful as your young boys indicate.

  2. Peer pressure is a FABULOUS thing when it comes to competing for learning. Your 2yo will be reading before you know it. It is a great way to promote teamwork.

    Do not be afraid to let them delve into any of them as far as four years over than their ages. The age limit is only for you. They do not need to know about them. (Yes, a Momma secret.)

    They can help each other attain more. And with your assistance, they will be stars in no time!

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