Step2 Deluxe Train and Track Table

I love this train track table! The grandparents got this for the boys last Christmas and it’s gotten a ton of play (nearly everyday) ever since.  Recently, we had friends over (and about 8 kids) and they all gravitated towards and played with this table. It occupies both my 4y.o. and 2y.o. with minimal fights. The price has gone up from last year, but if you find it on Craigslist in good condition GET IT!   Initially, I was worried that it wouldn’t be interactive enough, but that hasn’t been an issue. 

Other reasons to love it …

1. It’s durable.
The boys have crawled in it, on it, around it. It’s been shaken and moved all about. The table top is still in tact despite being walked on and jumped on. And it’s fairly easy to clean as well.

2. It’s all ONE PIECE.
Unlike many other tracks, this is all one piece… no extraneous wooden track pieces everywhere and no stop signs and traffic lights that can tear off or get into a little mouth. 

3. It’s universal.
The set comes with a couple rinky-dinky trains (I would get more) but the Thomas the Track train pieces and others – including race cars and trucks – work wonderfully!

4. It’s multi-functional.
We had a couple little chairs already so the boys can pull up a seat and eat their snacks or color on the table as well! The table is not that high so soon they will have to sit on the floor.


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