Blogs are a Bowl of Laughs

I’m in love! Seriously – I can’t imagine what has taken me so long to blog. But now that I’m here – I LOVE IT!

It’s not the writing part that makes my heart flutter – although I enjoy it immensely. It’s getting to know YOU and reading YOUR blogs. I laugh, I ponder, I smile, I think. But what I love most, is the knowing that there are other complete strangers who – because we are mothers, wives, women, bloggers – we understand each other.

And YOU ARE HILARIOUS … here are just some of the ‘mommy’ or ‘wifey’  posts that give me the giggles and have me LMBO! Thanks for sharing!

and for good measure – this blogger is a MAN 🙂 but he’s got great posts and a wonderful personality …


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