Fisher Price Laugh-n-Learn

So far, I am a fan of Fisher Price. This Laugh-n-Learn Learning Playhouse was one of one of my favorites that met several of my criteria… 

1.) Durable
This is a ‘boy-durable’ toy. I bought this for my first child before he could even stand up and it’s lasted through my second child turning two years old – despite my oldest (and youngest) trying to knock it over – it’s still standing! It’s also easy to clean.

2) Educational
It has fun songs and lively visuals about ABC’s and 123’s, daytime, nighttime, open, close, telling time, and more. My boys love the music!

3) Toy for Two!
If you’ve read my post – you know I like toys that both of my boys can enjoy at the same time. There’s interactivity on both sides of this thing and room for both to play (and fight over).

The age limit on this toy is 6 months – 3 years. I just recently let it go because my boys have outgrown it – but it was still ticking!  I know the price seems steep but we got every nickel’s worth (and it was still in great condition when I sold it).  It’s also great on batteries as I may have changed them only one time – and we didn’t always turn it off!

I highly recommend it!


2 thoughts on “Fisher Price Laugh-n-Learn

  1. Thanks for the review. It’s hard to know what the good toys are unless other moms tell you about them, or you actually go out and buy them and find out for yourself, or someone hands down some toys for you. Christmas is coming soon, and this toy might now be on our shopping list. Maybe I’ll check online for used ones if they are that durable too?

    The only toy our little guy really seems to want (and gets excited seeing) is the new Elmo toy, so we will be getting that one, but other than that, it’s hard to know what kind of toys he might like. So, thanks for this.


  2. No problem! We still have a dancing Elmo we bought years ago and they love it – although it either needs batteries or it’s malfunctioning. But I HATE buying toys that are destroyed within 15 minutes of the boys playing with them. I’m going to post some of those too. I would check Craigslist – I’ve gotten good stuff off of there. I sold the laugh-n-learn to a consignment shop and someone bought it before I even left the store. Puzzles are fun too!

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