It’s a Pillow… It’s a Pet… and it’s a HIT!

I was skeptical about these things when they first came out… although the song is catchy enough (my oldest even started singing it).

You don’t know this about me (yet) but 1) I HATE spending a lot of money on toys (or anything for that matter); 2) I HATE buying toys that don’t keep my boys’ interest for more than 15 minutes UGH!; and 3) I’m disgusted with toys that fall apart easily.

These pillows are cute and all, but I didn’t want to pay $20 and MORE – for one pillow! And you know I have to buy two. I saw these on sale at Walmart for $11.88 – down from their original $20 or more – so I grabbed them. One Lightening McQueen for the 4 y.o. and one Mater for the 2y.o.

The boys love ’em!

They are cute and cuddly and also fun and harmless to drive and crash 🙂 . My 2y.o. hoarder loves to drag it around and the 4y.o. likes it because Lightening McQueen is “his favorite race car.”  I’m not going to lie to you – I only got these because they were on sale – but if you happen to catch one at a reduced price somewhere this ‘Black’ Friday – it may be worth picking up!



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