Play Doh Speedway – a No-Go!

The boys’ aunt bought this Play Doh Mold-n-Go Speedway and we are so thankful (she reads my posts). This was an exciting gift because my boys (a 4y.o. and a 2y.o.) love play doh and they love CARS!

But I have to give my own take on the Play Doh Mold-n-Go Speedway set.

1) There is a reason that the toy is recommended for ages 3 and up. My two y.o. loves play doh and mushing and mashing it. He couldn’t manage it on his own, but he wanted me push the gas presser down to make the doh gush out again and again and again – and then more. I love playing with my boys – but that repetition thing is KILLER!  

2) The backdrop is made of cardboard …aka paper! They didn’t tear it, but it didn’t stay put. But ours didn’t come with the racetrack play mat which looks AWESOME so that could have made a BIG difference.  The grey plastic mold is way too small and uneventful… it’s a waste.

3) The boys didn’t really spend time making play doh cars out of the mold and chassis – they just played with the mold and chassis themselves. They loved making Mater tow the cars – but they already have cars and a Mater to do that with!

4) The mess! Some of it is my fault – I haven’t figured out how to manage play doh – play. It gets everywhere! Like all in your carpet, in hair, on furniture… but the mainly the floor. Even if you have a hardwood floor, it gets in the slats.  Playmats are a necessity (did you hear that Santa? 🙂 )

I would still recommend buying this toy for kids 3y.o. and older – especially since it comes with a racetrack play mat now. But if younger siblings are in the picture – you may want to think twice. I know – they spoil it every time 🙂


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