Bad Mommy Moment #287

I had a bad mommy moment yesterday. I hate the ones that are on public display – so everyone knows that you messed up! Let me explain … my 4y.o. goes to a private school which means he wears uniforms. Uniforms!

I have come to love the uniforms for several reasons:
1) It’s cheaper to outfit children in uniforms everyday (my husband says he even read in a study. I’ll have to look that up and give it to you later).

2) It saves BOO KOO (aka – tons of) time in trying to plan outfits for the week (I am no fashionista and have enough of a challenge dressing myself  – so I LOVE this.) Of course, I also wore uniforms as a child so this could permanently and negatively impact his fashion aptitude as well.

3) It’s a good look! I think it gives children a good self-image as there is a standard to upkeep. The boys have to wear ties (on some days), tuck their shirts in, etc.

But, the days that the kids DON’T have to wear uniforms are special, magnetic, exciting! Their little personalities shine through even more – and obviously, they enjoy it!

So, you guessed it, my child wore his uniform on the day that every one – and I mean everyone – wore their regular clothes. He was a walking billboard that read, “My momma doesn’t read the directions.”

To make it worse, the kids had their Thanksgiving production and the parents were invited. So not only was he a spectacle in front his peers (who don’t care at his age) but the parents could tell, “Yo momma does not read the directions.”

You know that feeling when you walk in an assembly of parents, children and teachers – and immediately realize that something is not right – that somehow you missed something. And in your head, through fake smiles and greetings, you start scolding – EVERYONE”

–    the teacher didn’t remind me
–    my husband didn’t say anything
–    the school didn’t send out a reminder
–    I’m new – how the HELL was I supposed to know?

And then eventually you start talking within yourself – to yourself, “Witch, you didn’t read! It’s YO fault and now YO baby is running amongst other children who’s parents actually gave a hoot enough to keep up.”  (I’m making this a family friendly post – but you get the idea.)

All is well that ends well, he had to wear a costume anyway, and I did pinpoint one or two other stragglers that also didn’t get the memo.

The play was soo cute. I sat on the front row amongst a sea of i phones video-taping and snapping children running about singing, and dancing.  I patiently waited the magical moment for my child to run out in his makeshift pepperoni costume (that’s another post).

I’ll be darn if he wasn’t in the corner of the stage ON THE OTHER SIDE from where I was sitting. I couldn’t trip over enough people to make it to him in time and I missed the photo op.

Note to self – sit in the front IN THE MIDDLE next time.

 Make that two bad mommy moments.

Happy Thanksgiving!


7 thoughts on “Bad Mommy Moment #287

  1. That’s so funny. If I had seen him, I would have thought, “Oh, how cute. Of all his clothes, he chose the uniform. He must really like it.” It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind that you didn’t read the directions. But hey, there were some other non-readers in there. Don’t beat yourself up. This was too cute. And the play turned out great! Hope you had lots of good eating! 🙂

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