Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Did you shop on Black Friday?

The news is reporting record-breaking sales (and riotous acts such as the use of pepper spray?) yet I haven’t talked to one lone soul who actually braved the craziness to buy something.

I was scoping out a V-reader before Friday which was listed at Toys-r-Us for

Toys-R-Us store at United Square shopping mall...

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$45, thinking that by Friday or even Monday it could possibly be reduced even more. The games were even BOGO!  But that sucker went straight back up to $54 by Thanksgiving and the games were back at regular price. So, I used a gift card and bought the V-tech mobigo instead, which was on sale as a bundle.

I’m sure there were other deals that I could have been gotten. There was an Imaginarium train table set on sale – and it was a great deal!  Did you find any deals? Or, will you shop the Cyber Monday instead? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

  1. I would rather pay full price than to be out on Black Friday. I hate crowds and I hate long lines. I’m sure the deals are out of this world, but is it worth it to get pushed and shoved?!? I actually did some cyber shopping and I hit the mall yesterday on my lunch break. I’m about 95% done w/ gifts. Just have to wait for some of them to come in.

  2. I have never been out on a black friday, and trust me when I tell you I am a penny pincher. I find out of this world deals all the time. I can barely wake up in the morning to get my kid ready for school, much less camping out at Best Buy or Toys R Us parking lot. No thank you!

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