200 Pound 3rd Grader?

A news story hit today about a 200 pound third grade boy who was put in foster care because he is overweight . Did you hear about this?

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The Ohio Health Department estimates more than 12 percent of third-graders statewide are severely obese

I’m not sure how this stacks up to instances of obesity in other states, but it seems very high. Can you believe it has come to this? The county has to take children from their parents to address a rise in obesity? 

There are a lot of issues at stake in this story…  the child being grossly overweight, the county taking the child from his home, the well-being of the child. There are also too many holes. Has the county conducted any educational programs or any other means besides putting kids in foster care? 

My husband grew up overweight… I’m talking he had a 40-inch waist as a 13-year-old.  And now our son loves bread, candy, cake – all the sweet suff.  He doesn’t even want to eat meat – he’d rather eat pasta.  Now, I’m not counting my son’s calories – or even depriving him of having a ‘treat’ every now and then – but I am aware of what he eats and how much exercise he gets. It pains me to see obese children, because they still want to jump and play and squirm and run. But their bodies restrict them from living out these natural inclinations.

Without knowing the whole story, it’s hard to comment on whether or not the action taken is justified. On the surface, it seems way harsh. If the problem is that rampant in Ohio, will their foster care system be able to withstand a large influx of new children in the system? Or are they using this child as an example? (Which is still not good.) How many adults are overweight in Ohio as well?

I would think an educational campaign teaching proper eating habits to adults and children – along with strategic corporate partnerships – would be more of a long term answer – rather than tearing apart families.


3 thoughts on “200 Pound 3rd Grader?

  1. Sometimes I think we give in to easy….the kids don’t like vegs…and we don’t require it (no one wants to fight at dinner)….our schedules don’t allow time for balanced meals….the bad stuff is cheater and available. McDonald’s was not always around…Maybe a good challenge would be to give up fast food for a month..no dining out…everything done at home (no frozen dinners). OMG that might be an eye opener.

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