For the Love of Legos

I love LEGOs!!  Here’s why … 

* Durability.
According to the company website, these little bricks have a scratch and bite-resistant surface. Basically, these things are unbreakable so they last a long time!

* Great for two or more children. 
My boys play so well together with these things- for the most part :-). Each set always has enough for both of them to be occupied. 

* Captures and keeps their attention.
LEGOs keep my boys busy for hours on end – I kid you not! It enhances their imagination and coordination skills.

* Variety of products.
There are products for different age groups… starting with toddlers on up to age 12. And, there are sets with special characters – like Cars, Star Wars, Sponge Bob and many more! I think they are even interchangeable (except for the jumbo ones designed for toddlers). 

* Cost efficient.
The ‘regular’ LEGO sets are generally no more than $15 or so. When you start getting the character versions – they cost a bit more.

But I have to warn you …

* It seems inevitable that at some point your son will build a gun with the LEGOs and may even try to ‘shoot’ you or others with his ‘gun.’

* Have a plan for storing these things because they end up all over the house. It’s no fun to step on one of these in the middle of the night.

* If your child is still young, you really don’t need that 500 – gazillion piece set. I know it’s on sale and it’s a great deal, but you will pay for it later! A set of 100 pieces or less works just fine for beginners.

 This is definitely a must have toy that has stood the test of time (since 1932). If you don’t have a set already – go get some today!


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Legos

  1. I think Legos are great too but my boys have really gotten into playing with a couple TRIO Building Sets we got them for Christmas last year. We rotate between these and the legos on their playtable to lessen the general chaos and late night steping barefoot hazards.

    • I’m not familiar with the TRIO building sets but I will look those up as well. Thanks for the tip! I’m always looking for ideas (esp if they don’t cause late night hazards). Thanks for the comment!

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