Where is the North Pole?

This is courtesy of a good friend who has an almost five-year-old boy of her own and who is waay wittier than me…

son: Where does Santa live? 

mom: The North Pole.

son: Where is the North Pole?

mom: Next to heaven.

Have you had the Santa talk with your child?
Honestly, I’ve been avoiding it but I guess I need to come up with something since I’m sure my oldest is hearing something from his friends. I always said I wouldn’t tell my kids about Santa since I work too hard to get them toys (and everything else) anyway. Besides, there is also the ‘real reason for the season.’  But I don’t want to spoil the fun either.

My friend and her son consistently show me one of the reasons for the season through their generosity in sharing toys and clothes – that’s helped a lot and it means a lot! That’s what I want my boys to have. First, I want them to know this is our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Secondly, I want them to experience and have the passion for giving. So, whether they have a lot under the tree – or just a little – they will be full in their hearts.

That’s the goal anyway. We’ll see how it goes. As for the big guy in the red suit, and the flying reindeer … the jury is still out (is there a pattern here? :-))

What have you decided to tell your kids?


2 thoughts on “Where is the North Pole?

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  2. No kids yet but we had the talk this weekend. I don’t want to lie about Santa but my honey thinks it takes out all the fun. So far, we’ve agreed that 3 presents are enough, at least. Three gifts of the Magi…

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