Dads are doing more, but moms are more stressed, study finds

You’ve got to read this… There’s actually a study out now that confirms what married moms have been (lamenting, preaching, screaming) saying all along … Here’s a snippet then click on the link below for the whole story… 

With growing evidence that the American dad has stepped up his game when it comes to housework and child care, U.S. households would seem to have been swept clean of gender inequity. But a new study finds that women outpace men in doing more than one task at a time — and they are paying an emotional cost for doing so.

The findings, published Thursday in the American Sociological Review, come from a two-year study of 500 middle-class, dual-earner families from eight urban and suburban communities across the country. They show that while fathers and mothers log nearly equal time performing paid and unpaid work combined, mothers spend nine more hours per week multitasking at home and work than do their husbands.

Dads are doing more, but moms are more stressed, study finds.


5 thoughts on “Dads are doing more, but moms are more stressed, study finds

    • Thanks! Most men wouldn’t want to – but I think it’s at least worth the conversation – esp if it will help make things a little lighter for all… b/c if mamma ain’t happy – nobody is happy 🙂

  1. Thanks for the article, it was an interesting read and inspired me to write my own post about it. My husband helps out, but it isn’t to the extent I would like. He works, I stay at home, but I still feel like I “work” more, always on the go while he gets to relax and watch a TV program. I can’t even sit down and watch a full episode of Dr. Phil without having to take care of something!
    The part I found most interesting though was the part about childless people being more happy than people with children. Sad, but I think has some truth to it.

    • I’m so glad – I love it when that happens – please let me know when you write the post. I think this is worth discussing, although some women feel like ‘admitting’ this is a good story is almost ‘sinful’ or bashing their husbands – and I don’t agree! At minimum, maybe if our husbands read it, they can get a clue as to what we’ve been trying to say forever. We’ve got heavy burdens that are sometimes stressful.
      Raising children is hard, selfless work that requires quite a bit of a transition from not having kids… we have to admit that. Childless people (I love ’em) don’t have to endure the same sacrifices and heart aches that we do…. is it worth it? Has it been worth it? You and I could have been doing other things over these past few years that would have made us happier – supposedly. It has crossed my mind. But I can honestly say – I wouldn’t trade my boys and the opportunity of being their mom – I wouldn’t trade it. Thanks so much for the comment!

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