Kids on a Leash?

Most likely, you’ve either heard of leashes designed for children, or seen a child on a leash or even own one yourself!  

Now, when I first learned of these things years ago – in my pre-child days of judging that which I knew not of – I was utterly and disgustingly appalled! I’d owned dogs – and leashes – and couldn’t fathom putting one on a child!

Years, experience, and two boys later, I’ve changed my mind.  It became even more clear when we were at one of the largest malls in Georgia one rainy day. My youngest was in the stroller and my oldest (probably almost 3 at the time) walked alongside me holding hands. We NEVER go to the mall, but it was a Sunday; it was wet outside, and we wanted to tire out my oldest.

Anyway, unbeknownst to me, he caught a glimpse of the Build-a-Bear bigger than life bear display in the store front and took off faster than I knew he ever could!  Just like that, for a short minute I couldn’t spot him in the sea of people walking past in both directions! In that eternity of a minute, in my mind’s eye, I went from happily strolling hand-in-hand with my little pride and joy to being a grief-stricken maniac posting CHILD LOST posters everywhere and crying myself to sleep! 

I told my girlfriend about it and she gave us the cute little bear pack/ leash. My husband wasn’t feeling it, but the kids loved it. We don’t use it as often as I would like – instead we just don’t go to large malls anymore with the kids. But I don’t judge anyone else who decides to use it – and frequently!


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