No need to buy toys for Christmas, now you can rent

Would you rent toys for your kids? Now you can– click on the link to get the whole story.  Although, I’m not convinced because my kids would probably tear them up and I’d still end up paying. What do you think? 

We rent cars, houses, tools and more. So why not toys? That’s the question a couple of national websites are posing as their new business models take off at Christmas. One of those sites is called Toygaroo and they are getting some attention from parents this year. 

There are obvious advantages to renting “my first thought is, wow that’s awesome” one mother told me as we stood in a toy isle at a local store. When I asked her why she liked the idea she said “because they only play with them for a short amount of time and then they’re off to something else.”
No need to buy toys for Christmas this year, now you can rent.


12 thoughts on “No need to buy toys for Christmas, now you can rent

  1. My little boy would definitely break them lol, and I wonder what happens if the do, are you going to end up paying out for the cost of the toy on top of the rental price. In theory it’s a nice idea, but I’d feel bad saying here’s your present but it’s gotta go back in a month lol.

    • yes – I thought about that too – it would be our luck that the toy you ‘rent’ would be the toy they want to even sleep with b/c they like it so much. so then there’s the opportunity for the company to make money again by having a fee for you to keep the toy. ugh …

  2. I find this interesting lol– My kids as well destroy toys, but some have survived them and passed on to a second and third hand to enjoy. Kids do play for a little and then they are done. Wonder if it is worth the headache- Here is another angle to this -my thoughts- Parents could get together and brings the toys they no longer have any use for and exchange or trade them among themselves. Maybe a little bidding just for fun. If toys are going to be in the closet or storage why not help each other out? – Just for a fraction of the cost.Or maybe they could come up with a scoring system for toys brought in and have those ” points”used for buying. This could be a great home business for a crafty mom out there! It would be great competition! hahaha!Let them do the groud work and get people used to the idea and then parents jump in for a save! 🙂

    • I definitely like the way you think. I have benefitted from other hand-me-downs such as clothes … why not toys? I have actually bought (and sold) some on Craigslist also – which worked well (for the most part)- do you have that in your area? AND I’ve done consignment shopping for toys especially and got great buys – great buys! So definitely for areas that don’t have these resources – this kind of business would make MUCH sense to me. Any takers? 🙂

    • what an awesome idea, people have started facebook groups in my area called swap and shares and people do swap toys on there as well as sell them very cheap, but it’s not quite the same as you suggested. At least that way the toys are theirs though and you don’t have to worry about the risk of them getting broken or the child becoming to attached lol.

  3. I like the ‘rent a toy’ idea. I have a feeling it will make big bucks for someone. I like the pass it along approach too. Our kids have way too many things and don’t always value what they have because of it. They could donate their toys and learn some good lessons from it. Good blog.

  4. Last year when I was with my youngest, we need a ton of new baby stuff. My S.O. said “we should make a place where people can rent baby stuff” and now look

    • really!?!?! That’s exactly how it works too!! That was your million dollars! That’s what happened to me with Playtex – aren’t they the ones that sell different sizes of maxipads in one box?

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