5 Reasons My Kids Love Going to the Dentist!

After getting a route canal this past year, I’m more likely to CRY about going to the dentist (and PAYING for it). Not so with my kids. I remember taking my oldest to see Dr. Catherine Enright at Buckhead Pediatric Dentistry and he actually cried – when we LEFT! And for a week he asked to go back – to the dentist!  I imagine he would explain his love for going to the dentist this way …

1. TOYS. Mommy, the dentist has trucks! My brother had the blue one and I had the red one and when Ms. G. called my name I wanted to keep playing with it. And then you said I was going to get in trouble if I didn’t put it down but Ms. G. said I could bring it with me. I was sooo happy – and you were happy too mommy.

2. STAFF. When I touched Dr. E.’s nose it went “HONK!”  But when you touched Dr. E’s nose nothing happened because only kids can make the magic nose work. Mommy you are not a kid are you? Noooo. But Dr. E. said I’m a big boy and gave me a high-five.

3. STAR WARS & SINGING. Dr. E. let me touch the sticky wand before she counted all of my teeth. She gave all of my teeth Star Wars names. And then she and Ms. G. sang a song when she brushed my teeth and put the muscles in my mouth (fluoride). “Tickle tickle little teeth, how I wonder what you eat.” I showed her my muscles and she said I would have muscles in my mouth too so my teeth would be strong.

4. TREATS. When we were finished, Ms. G. gave me a bag of treats. I have a CARS toothbrush and some toothpaste and even a little ball.

5. FUN!! Mommy I like going to the dentist because I can play with the trucks and read books and even pretend to be a dentist – just like Dr. E. I also like talking to the birds and counting the pacis in the paci museum.

That’s how I think my son would describe it :-).

I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids. Plus, the office is like a big play area with lively artwork, a magnetic car table, Christmas ornaments, magazines, movies, you name it! The staff totally understands what it means to be a parent (I’m listening – even if I have to take after my 2y.o. as he darts down the hall). Dr. E. completely explains any issues until you have a thorough understanding. She’s qualified and credentialed– over 20 years of experience as a dentist – and a parent. And her staff loves my boys!

We had a great visit to the dentist this week so I had to post it on my blog! If you live in Atlanta and need a pediatric dentist, check out Dr. Catherine Enright at Buckhead Pediatric Dentistry . If you don’t, I’m hoping you find someone and somewhere just as good. Now, if I could just convince her to see adults…

(I was not paid or reimbursed to write this post.)


9 thoughts on “5 Reasons My Kids Love Going to the Dentist!

  1. I wish the Pediatric Dentists were the way they are now back then because I know I had a HORRIBLE experience as a child. Seriously, I hated going to the dentist. It was not at all pleasant. I work part-time for a dental office (the last 14-years now) and I know that they have changed the entire school for Pedodontists & their hygenists. They have to make it a much more better environment for a child, otherwise, they’ll end up paying for it w/ root canals and implants when they’re old.

    My husband, a big 35-year old kid, has anxiety over the dentist. He also had a horrible experience as a child. He also hates doctors that criticize you (i.e. You don’t floss, you need to brush 3x a day). I know they’re doing their job, but I can see how it can be annoying. Especially to a hygenist/dentist that has to clean that dirty mouth of yours. LOL

    On the other side of this, there are a lot of patients that come in saying, “Why do I have to floss? Nobody sees it anyway!”… “Well, nobody sees your ass either but do you wipe it after you drop a deuce?”

    Your kiddos are cute. I’m going to have to show this to Lili when she has to start going to the dentist! ;o)

    • RAS – you are hilarious! good points! I have another really funny blog to share (I’ll have to post it here) from another blogger who is a former dentist – your comments reminded me of her post. Thanks for the comments! I understand your hubby though – I hate that lecture!

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  3. Love this! Not only having a wonderful experience now, but creating great adult patients down the road 😉 Glad to hear it’s going well for all of you, er, except for the root canal part!

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