Friday Favorite: 10 Signs You Need More ‘Me’ Time

This is the story of my life!   Pretty funny OneBurnedOutMama!


1. Your stash of make-up is older than your firstborn.

2. There are Juicy sweats in your go-to clothing pile.

3. Your home decorating theme centers around primary colored plastic.

4. When you start the car and the Disney Princess CD starts playing, you no longer turn it off…even when you’re driving alone.

5. You have five albums full of family photos, and you’re in none of them.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: 10 Signs You Need More ‘Me’ Time

  1. I think we could all go for more “me” time now days with the busy lifestyles we live. If I could just figure out how to slow things down without moving to a cabin and living in Alaska (which I am SO for right now!)
    Super funny!

    • haha – I do wonder what living in a cabin would be like – maybe for a day. Did you watch Sex in the City? Do you remember when Miranda and Steve went to a cabin for their honeymoon – too funny!

      • I get such a kick out of Sex in the City, but I do not remember that episode. I can only image—2 New Yorkers in a cabin on their honeymoon. It sounds like the beginning of a joke! A good one!

      • oh yes – well if you ever do see that ep – you will appreciate it and remember me. I don’t want to spoil it by telling you what happened but needless to say – it wasn’t what Miranda had in mind 🙂

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