Stocking Stuffer: VTech ABC Text and Go

We were fortunate enough to receive this as a preowned gift recently and the boys love it! I figure this would be a great stocking stuffer (I think it’ll fit).  Here’s why …

1) Hand held. 
This is super convenient for playing with in the car (until it gets dark). We were in the car after dark last night and my oldest wanted us to keep the light on in the car so he could keep playing with it. NOT! 

2) Cost effective.
It’s less than $15!! My kind of toy! Seriously, with all of these nearly $100 Ipad knock-off thingys that are topping the Christmas lists this season, this is a great buy!

3) Educational.
It covers the normal bases of letters and numbers. But, it tests reasoning skills with a numbers and letters sequence game, it sounds out vowels and consonants and more. It also features a PDA-style QWERTY keyboard design and typing game.

There’s even a smart phone version (still only $14 or so) that looks like fun also. For more stocking stuffer ideas click here. Do you have any other  fun stocking stuffer ideas?


One thought on “Stocking Stuffer: VTech ABC Text and Go

  1. I heard the Leap Frog iPads (or the one that is similar to an iPad) are all sold out and some people are selling it on Ebay for $300 when it costs $100. It’s like when Tickle-me-Elmo first came out… My husband says if I find one, buy it asap so we could sell in on Ebay.

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