Holiday Decorating Derby

** I am sharing my holiday home decor and cleaning tips for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls and Great Cleaners. **

My boys race to do everything. Get dressed. Get in the truck. Get out of the truck. Get inside the house.  I’ve decided to capitalize on it and make it fun when I can. 

So, after I finally put the Christmas tree up, I turned on some holiday jams and let the boys decorate it. It took only 5.3 minutes as it too turned into somewhat of a race. I was the one who slowed them down since I had to put hangers on the ornaments.

 They had such a ball and were so impressed with their efforts. However, the 4y.o. did notice that “we need more of these (ornaments) up top.”

My husband and I LOVE our little prelit, fake tree. It does the job with such ease. I sweep around it every other day to pick up the little fake tree droppings that occur (even fake trees require a little maintenance).


3 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating Derby

  1. My 4 yo also loves competition. We race to see whether she can go potty faster than I can change the baby’s diaper. She seems to have 2 speeds – dawdle and sprint. Competition pushes her to sprint speed.

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