Nut Crack-up!

My oldest son was in a Christmas play this week and it was awesome!  He was one of the mice in the Nutcracker. They even had an exciting fight scene complete with cardboard swords.

And I almost redeemed myself from my bad mommy moment #287. I sat in the front in the middle with the camera ready. This is a great action shot, isn’t it? It would be … if my child were the one in red!  Instead, we got a great shot of his backside. No worries, I got a good frontal after the show :-).


6 thoughts on “Nut Crack-up!

  1. I’m lucky if I can get my son to sit still for 5 mintues and take a picture, so good for you! When he does sit still, then I have to wait till he stops making funny or mean faces. Sometimes good enough is good enough!

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