Quick Twin Bed Rehab – Removing Stickers

I’m raising my boys on a budget!

So, I got the idea from my neighbor to ask my mother-in-law for the twin beds they kept in their guest room… the same beds my husband and his brother slept on. She was much obliged – overwhelmingly so actually. Apparently, not only did my husband and his brother sleep in these beds during their childhood – but their father and his brother also slept in said beds.

Translation: these are some old beds! But, I guess there is some sentimental value. Of course, my concern was their safety … and after checking it out, my husband and I deemed that they were okay. SO … now for the rehab.

They hubster – and his brother – had the brilliant idea of starting a sticker collection – on the headboards!  My mission was to remove them. I started with some Murphy’s Oil furniture polish and that was a slow, pain-staking, sticky process. So, I googled  “removing stickers from furniture”  and found the idea of using a hair dryer … and it worked! This method is good for removing any adhesive from a wooden surface – it may work on plastic too (I haven’t tried that). I was so excited – this method was quick, easy, and FREE! 

We all know that boys get into some questionable situations that may involve destroying clothing, furniture, and other valuable items. If your child does stick something where it wasn’t designed to be – i.e. gum, stickers, whatever – heat the surface with your hair dryer and just peel it off!

I didn’t have the time or energy to refinish the furniture – so I polished them again with some S.C. Johnson Wax. There’s still a slight imprint from the stickers (they’d been there for about 20 years) but it’s barely noticeable in person. Now, the beds are good to go!


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