Friday Favorite: Emotional Superhighway

I know today is Monday, but I had some technical difficulties (and overwhelming emotions of my own) so I didn’t send this out last week. 

Do you remember when the internet was referred to as the Information Superhighway? (I’m dating myself now 🙂 ) Well, last week, the blogs I read reflected an emotional superhighway. Some exuded beautiful happiness and contentment with marriage and parenthood, like:
* Mommy Said a Swear Word: Forever Enough and
* Kaira Butler: Is Parenting Really that Hard?

Others bloggers – wives and mothers – expressed hard hitting low points as they grappled with domestic violence and divorce, like:
* Penelope Trunk: Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence is Wrong
* A woman whose husband just spent the rent money and she was filing for divorce…(I can’t find the link)

I took away something from all of these posts, but my favorite articulated  the raw, honest, hopeful emotion of love that I could relate to. Please check it out:

Life, Love and Baby: The Aftermath – a Love Letter to My Husband


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Emotional Superhighway

  1. Thank you for including me here! It’s a blessing. I an happy and mostly content. That said, I have plenty of bad days, just like everyone else.

    I enjoyed reading these other posts and that love letter post was pure beauty. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. I am so embarrassed to have been so negligent in replying to what is the sweetest and most heartfelt gesture I’ve yet to recieve since venturing into the blogosphere. One moment while I go flog myself.

    Okay, I’m back. Thanks you so much for including me in your Friday Favorite – I’m truly honored. It means a great deal to have such a smart and sassy blogger give such a big nod of aknowledgement. But btw l liked you from the moment I read your “big girl panties” comment!

    • aaawwww – thank you!!! (smiling from ear to ear). Thank you thank you! (speechless). I blog for my readers – whether there are 5 or 500 b/c I enjoy reading and connecting with others! so – I enjoyed your post and have heard from others that they enjoyed it as well – congrats!

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