Friday Favorite: Joy of Yes!

Aawww – I just love this post from The Lucky Mom. However, a lot of you – like me – have boys (and girls) who are toddlers and younger.  You may read this post and think – “there is no way this will work for me.” BUT …it’s Friday so we’ve got the weekend to experiment – right? If you try it, write me and let me know how it works and I will do the same :-).

A while back I noticed something.

I was telling my kids “no” a lot.
“Will you make pancakes for breakfast?”
“Can we go to see a movie today?”
“Can I invite friends over?”

One day I paused, and contemplated what it must be like for them hearing “no” all the time. Not having the ability to control decisions about their day, or their life. Being on the receiving end of parents’ and teachers’ permission all the time.

And I decided I would try to say “yes” more often. Click here to read the rest.


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