Oregon Kids Make/ Sell Car Crayons to Get to Disney!

Lemonade stands are so … local. Max and Julia – an Oregon brother/ sister duo hankering to get to Disney World – are going global in their fundraising efforts by creating car crayons and selling them online!

Last year, the family drove 14 hours from their hometown of Eugene, Oregon to Disneyland in California and stayed with family. One glimpse of the castled kingdom and, “We all got the Disney bug,” said Sherri, mom.

Then Max (9) and Julia (7) saw Disney World on America’s Funniest Home Videos and realized how much bigger the small world in Orlando is – and a fire was lit. Max was determined to get there, but soon realized lemonade stands weren’t going to cut it.

“We told him, frankly, we don’t really have that much money,” said mom.
Max decided to raise the money – and soon the whole family got involved. At first, they were going to make pink bubble gum scented candles, but came up with a better idea.

Crayons in the shape of cars. And they are sooo cool!!!

Look at the detail … they are actually the size, shape, and look of matchbox cars. And they color! My 4y.o. – a real matchbox car fanatic – was extremely thrilled – and surprisingly I was too! He colors with them – then he stops to crash them, line them up, do car chases – then goes back to coloring. 

Each package contains a red, blue, yellow, and green car crayon. They are made with only “premium, non-toxic crayon material.” The total cost per package for these Max and Julia’s Race Car Crayons is only $4.95 – which includes shipping (standard USPS)… and hours of racing, coloring fun.

Now that’s a better ROI than a couple cups of lemonade! To purchase these crayons visit their website or Facebook page.


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