National Water Gun FIGHT Day!

This is being promoted as a family fun event… but – as the national website puts it – Don’t leave your house without your strap!

For your WATER gun that is! This Saturday is National Water Gun Fight Day which gives kids of all ages permission to blast whomever, whenever with a water gun. 

In Atlanta, there will be an ‘organized’ event held at Freedom Parkway with family activities, giveaways and prizes. I mean, one of the sponsors is GoGo Sqeez Applesauce – so I guess  younger kids will be attending.

It’ll be at Freedom Parkway from noon – 5pm. Check the website first because there is a registration fee ($1) and other particulars.

Proceed with caution as water balloons and high-powered water guns will be involved; we don’t want the munchkins to get run over. I’m not sure yet if I’m taking my kiddies. The youngest gets temperamental when he’s ambushed (but not when he is the avenger). They may be celebrating the day in the front yard (like in the picture).  However, I like that the whole idea is for everyone to have FUN!

This event is being hosted by Fight4ATL  – an initiative to encourage everyone to get active and enjoy the outside. As stated on their website, they want to remind us “how much we used to love to live without limits and have Fun without Walls.” Sounds good to me!


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