9 Year-Old Boy Beats Daycare Infants

There are so many things wrong with this video. I struggle with whether or not to post it, which sensationalizes it even more. However,  the Colorado shooter is a young man who’s deranged behavior went unchecked until it was too late. Maybe we should continue to shed light on these incidents until there is higher accountability.
Should the parents be held accountable? To what extent? The other children didn’t even cry or ‘tell’ (and kids love to tell) – why was that? Had he already threatened them? The parent’s mindset expressed in the interview hurt me just as much to see the physical abuse.  Where did it all go wrong? I’m convinced that while the abuser is being demonized – he is also a victim and he needs help!


5 thoughts on “9 Year-Old Boy Beats Daycare Infants

  1. Wow. Just.. wow. That little boy needs some help. The way he looks around to make sure no one is watching hurts my heart. I hope his parents are able to make the right decision. IMHO though if they continue to let him be this agrresive, they may need a push in the right direction. There are tons of free government programs that can give him the help he needs.

    • Hello! I know – it did hurt me that he looked around – it hurt me that the other children didn’t respond – it hurt me most to hear the mom describe him – that cut deep. The problem extends far beyond this little 9y.o. Thanks for the comment!!!

  2. That was disgusting! Unfortunately at 9, it’s teetering on too late to fix the problem since most of his behavior is set in. Can it be changed, yes. But the amount of work it’s going to take is staggering and the fact that it wasn’t addressed already tells me the parents aren’t going to want to put any effort into fixing the problem…. making him everyones problem. Placing him in the “system” will only make it worse and teach him new things. (I actually didn’t even realize children could be in “day care” at 9?) When it comes down to it though, he looked around before doing these things – he knew it was wrong!

    • Hello!! Yes – thanks for the comment. This is hard to look at. I’m guessing he was there w/ a family member? It’s pretty scary b/c while this is atrocious – what happens when this goes unresolved … and it makes me wonder what kind of behaviors did the Colorado shooter exhibit prior to? I don’t know the answer – but making it everyone’s problem means there’s no accountability and he gets lost in the system until another senseless tragedy happens …(ugh)

  3. How very sad. I’m actually quite speechless about this, but I agree with you that it’s important to share these types of stories. Something is wrong when the parent says that this behavior is normal. Ugh!

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