5 Retailers Selling Uniforms (besides Walmart & Target)

It’s crunch time! There’s nothing like that sinking feeling when you can’t find your child’s size in a school uniform store. Here are other places to purchase uniforms from – besides Walmart and Target – and you can purchase online from all of them (except the last one). You may find more of a selection online too!

  • Macy’s 
  • Old Navy
  • Kohl’s
  • CookiesKids.com (online only)
  • A to Z Kids Store – this is for my Atlanta residents who don’t mind coming to South Dekalb Mall. Great prices! 

*You’ll have to go to the traditional uniform store if you need embroidering.  


2 thoughts on “5 Retailers Selling Uniforms (besides Walmart & Target)

  1. You left off my favorite… Lands End! The Lands End collection is available at Sears as well. Also, they have great sales and free shipping all the time for email subscribers.

    Right now it’s 25% off one item plus free shipping for orders over $50.
    At checkout‚ manually enter the Promotion Code CREW and PIN 1850

    They have the best customer service around and their quality is fantastic.

    • Kaira! Thank you! I don’t check Sears often … I’ll check this out. Thanks so much b/c I’m often the one in the crunch. Good tip about the customer service – although I am an online shopper – I only go in if it’s a real emergency! You have any good tips on shoes? That’s my next big challenge 🙂

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