Bad Mommy Moment #16: No Tooth Fairy

Brace yourself … this is a bbaaadd one.

My oldest lost his two bottom teeth.  But, not at the same time.
He actually took the first tooth out himself while at the playground (yes, that playground ).  He handed it to me right before climbing the rock wall. 

The second time slips my mind where and how it happened – but it was kinda more of the same. So, the bad mommy moment comes in what happened next – which was nothing. I did preserve the tooth – but I didn’t do the ‘tooth fairy’ thing. I somehow haven’t been able to spin the tale of an imaginary, winged ‘fairy’ that flies into his room at night and takes his tooth and does God knows what with it – for whatever reason.

So every time (and I mean EVERY time), an adult sees his mouth and comments on his missing teeth they ask him, “Did the tooth fairy come?” And he gives them the same cute, innocent, “I have no idea”  look.

Why didn’t the fairy come? I don’t have a concrete reason. While I do bend the truth with my kids on occasion – I honestly try not to. It’s too cumbersome.  I don’t think fast enough to answer the questions and I’m bound to get in trouble because I wouldn’t be able to remember what I said. Mind you, I’m the one who didn’t tell my kids about Santa Claus either 🙂 (Let this be no reflection on my own mother, who sewed a small pillow to commemorate the occasion.)

However, we did celebrate my son’s milestone of missing teeth in our own way. I think we need a trip to Disney World. Let someone else create the magic and get this mommy off the hook!


5 thoughts on “Bad Mommy Moment #16: No Tooth Fairy

  1. There’s nothing wrong with not telling your children about the tooth fairy or Santa Claus! I don’t plan to teach my daughter about those things, either. It really is hard work keeping up with all the stories, and my mom brain simply can’t keep up either 😉

  2. A 6-year-old we know just lost her first tooth. Now when my almost-3-year-old brushes her teeth, she says, “I have to brush my teeth so they don’t fall out like N’s.” Perfect opportunity for me to explain the tooth fairy, but I find myself hesitating. Part of me wants to share the excitement and fun I remember as a child, but part of me doesn’t want to lie to her.

    • And I feel your pain – that’s exactly how I feel! I’m not sure why I’m hesitating – but I just didn’t do it – although my mom did it for me! I think in the end we all knew it was a hoax – like that first time your parents forgot to put something under the pillow. I just decided to try to find other ways to generate excitement… less pressure on me and my nerves 🙂 Thanks for the comment though – I’m glad to know that others feel like I did … no matter what you decide.

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