Weekends r 4 Kids: The Trains are Coming!

43rd Annual Atlanta Train Show
This was such a hit last time I took my boys! This is an expo for model train collectors, sellers, and buyers – but in the back there are maybe a dozen large train exhibits – that are kid friendly. Some are even remote-controlled and the kids can try them out! It seems mundane – but my boys LOVE it. They talked about it for days afterwards.  I also like it because children under 12 get in FREE! Click here for more information.

Second Sunday Funday
We went to this last month and it was a different twist to a hot, lazy Sunday.  My boys weren’t so interested in the art exhibit, although I was. But they love the hands-on exhibits and art projects. This month, in addition to seeing the Picturing the South art, young patrons will create a “digital self-portrait and a unique photo transfer using blender pens and photocopies.” To get more information, click here.


4 thoughts on “Weekends r 4 Kids: The Trains are Coming!

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