Toys for Two: Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem

Oohh – this Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem Trackset is CRAZY!
My oldest got it for his 5th birthday and both boys LOVE IT. They play on it nonstop, which means I get to do laundry… or something.  This is the rundown from the manufacture …

  • Two huge loops, 6 crash zones and 10 feet of track
  • Control the speeding cars that get released from the loops with 2 levers
  • Play alone or with friends – up to 6 cars can race
  • Includes track set and 1 die-cast car
  • Recommended Ages: 5-12 years

Here’s my take …

  • I know the recommended age starts at 5, but my 3- year-old loves it too! I just have to remind him not to put pressure on it or lean on it.
  • It’s a little pricy for my taste (about $45 – I’m highly cost-sensitive) but that’s what aunties and uncles are for 🙂 The end product is heavy and seems to be pretty durable, so I think it’s worth the money.
  • It’s HUGE so square away some room for this bad boy!
  • It’s also a little loud – but we’re talking race cars so what do you expect?
  • This track only comes with one car so purchase more (Hot Wheels cars are usually about $1) then your children won’t have to fight over one. Besides, they’ll need more cars to crash! FYI -there is a certain car type that goes with this set.

My youngest got the Disney Pixar Cars 2 Barrel Blowout Track Set for his 3rd birthday this summer – and that thing fell apart every 2 minutes – which means my boys were calling my name to fix it. (However, if you gave this to us – THANK YOU! He did like it). But, I did have to box it up by the end of the day because I refused to keep reassembling it – whew!

When your child is ready to graduate to a big boy race track, I would highly recommend the Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem Track Set! 


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