Bad Mommy (and Daddy) Moment #1,378

School has been back in session for 4 weeks and already I’ve done about three poster assignments! Kindergarten and pre-k is a LOT OF WORK!

The first assignment was due the Friday before Labor Day. We had to get our truck serviced, the laundry done, the refrigerator went out… needless to say that poster didn’t get turned in until the following Wednesday! Already my child is turning his homework   in late. Nope, the dog didn’t eat it; his parents are SLACKERS!

So, when this next poster assignment came up, we wanted to turn it in early! Surely we’ll get brownie points for that – right! My 3 y. o. also had a poster assignment similar in nature but different. Well, my loving husband came home with both poster assignments on the same day and we got right to work on them… coloring and pasting pictures that are particular to each child’s likes and habits.

Today my husband took the posters to school and proudly presented the one poster to the Kindergarten teacher – a whole day before it was due. The teacher looked at the poster, looked at him and quietly said, “That’s the wrong poster.”

We (my hubby) had the wrong assignment for each child. The posters had been switched. Mind you, the deadline is TOMORROW.  Did we get a pass? An ‘A’ for effort?

Hhmm… The kindergarten teacher looked over the posters, saw that we can’t exactly switch the names on each posters since the content is personalized. She went right to her storehouse and jerked out a clean copy and said…

“Here you go! You can turn this in tomorrow.”



12 thoughts on “Bad Mommy (and Daddy) Moment #1,378

  1. I think we’ve all been there. Delivering the wrong child, on the wrong day, at the wrong time to the soccer field? Bringing the wrong kid to the ortho appt? It’s gets worse the more you have too. :\. Which is also why the teacher probably didn’t bat an eye (once she figured out what was going on) – she get’s it!

      • My kids came home the first week of school with homework out the wazoo and science fair planners for their science projects. I hate science fair. It should be fun, but I hate that too. I’m not against learning, just the angst that goes with it. 😉

  2. Oh and my middle schooler had a project due yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I realized she got on the bus without it. She turned it in today. At this point I will be happy to never see a poster project again but *sigh* won’t be happening no time soon she has 5 more years to go and my son has 7

    • Hi Kathrerine!! This is a time when being OCD would help – and I’m not! Just b/w me and you 🙂 still haven’t completed the 3y.o.’s poster – so I actually need to work on that now 🙂 I have to gear up for a science project now for the 5y.o. Oh, we’re just at the beginning of the year, so you know you’ll be seeing more poster projects 🙂

    • THANK YOU! You made my morning! Wwweeellll… they don’t get ‘grades’ but they do get marks… like Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, and NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I said something about this on my FB page … the oldest got a bad ‘mark’ the other day – the worst actually. We told him he couldn’t play soccer and suddenly he came home with all S’s (satisfactory). Go figure 🙂 … How are you??

      • Funny how a little incentive is all you need to turn U’s into S’s. All is well on my end of things. Thanks for asking. Good to see you are back to blogging. As a non-parent, my favorites are the bad mommy moments!! They’re so funny.

      • Yes – I like the way you put that – an incentive. I was wondering if we were bribing him but we are incentivizing (is that a word?) him 🙂 Thanks so much for the encouragement… I do love to blog so I’m going to try to stick with it this time 🙂

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