7 Tips for Rookie Soccer Moms

If you are about to put your child in a sport –  like soccer – for the first time, considering this:  

  • Take a lawn chair… unless you want to sit in the grass. Are there benches at the practice field? Take a chair anyway because there may be no room and you’ll end up sitting on the grass. When you sit on the grass, you start itching and twitching and the children get distracted. You don’t want to distract the children! 
  • The children will be distracted. Whether you itch, twitch, roll or fan, the children will be distracted  by you, or another team, or a butterfly…
  • Take something to read for the practices and not the games. Not sure how/why I got this mixed up. I was bored as hell at practice and at the game my book got trampled –  since I was sitting in the grass.
  • Your child is going to kick the ball in the wrong goal… more than once… even though you are hysterically gesturing and pointing the other way.
  • The same child that kicks everything in his path will not be able to connect his foot to the ball while on the soccer field. Still baffled by this phenom.
  • Your child is going to get tugged, pulled, pushed, and kicked unnecessarily by another child …but just know that the mom of that child is terribly sorry and embarrassed and has no idea why her child is acting like that and promises to talk with him and … (ooh, I digress.)
  • Do the potty break before practice and/or the game. When one child has to go – they all want go and there goes 15 minutes of coaching time that you paid for and will never get back.

Oh and relax! When you relax, your child will have fun … and isn’t that the whole point anyway?

** photo by AirHarp Photography


8 thoughts on “7 Tips for Rookie Soccer Moms

  1. {Kathy} Yes!!! Great lawn chairs are a must. Also, an umbrella for shade (I live in Florida) and rain (again, Florida). I have done all sorts of strange things during practice–pay bills, read, write. Boredom is a good thing, that means you are getting a break!

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