Book Review: It’s Hard to Be Five!

Book Review

My oldest turned five last month so he could appreciate this tale. The main character is just like him!  He’s a young boy who turned five, he’s got a younger brother, and he can’t sit STILL! 

This is part of Jamie Lee Curtis’s collection that I checked out of the library.  And this boy struggles internally the same as some adults! He says, “My mind says do one thing – my mouth says another.”

But the issues are those of a typical five-year-old. It was so funny watching the light bulb of familiarity go off in my son’s head as he realized other kids feel the same as he does… like being aggravated with his baby brother. The boy in the book is even outgrowing his clothes! In the end, he finds the joys in being five. I’d recommend it and I’m sure my son would too.

** I’m blogging #31for21 – National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. More than 400,000 people in the United States have Down syndrome.


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