5 Science Project Ideas for My Kindergartner

Science was never my strong suite. But I don’t want my son to feel that way. Yet, every time I think about my KINDERGARTNER having to do a science project – it makes my skin crawl! How am I to explain hypothesis and variables and predictions to him – and keep his (my) attention?

However, I’ve found some websites and some project ideas. (Did you see the video?) If you are in the same boat, hope this helps – and feel free to shoot some ideas my way too!

1. What is the best way to wash your hands? (This one would be useful!)
2. Does the temperature underground vary as much as the surface temperature? (Digging in the dirt? That would be fun!)
3. What shape bubbles can you blow? (Blowing bubbles as a science project? Oh, he’d LOVE  that!)
4. Can food coloring change the color of water? (Water play is always a winner.)
5. Do girls have better manners at the shopping center than boys and men?  Whoah! Is that politically correct? Interesting, but we’ll think I’ll pass :-).

Honestly, in the end, this science project might not be so bad – and dare I say – fun? But I’ll still probably hand this off to the DAD!


10 thoughts on “5 Science Project Ideas for My Kindergartner

  1. all cute ideas except for the shopping one, I agree that it doesn’t seem accurate. I’ve seen girls act out just as much as boys while grocery shopping. .

    you’ll have to post about which one you do.

  2. Oh my gosh! Science experiments in Kindergarten?? My son’s K class has adopted a tree in the park and are going to observing it over the year and during the changing seasons. I can’t imagine having to explain a real experiment to him though but your ideas are really great. I love the bubbles idea.

    • Hi!! I think watching the trees is good! Especially for explaining the seasons – I like it! I know we’re supposed to ‘dumb it down’ but I cringe w/ anything science-related. It’s just not my thing – I guess I have a mental block …lol. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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