Build a Pizza at Uncle Maddio’s

We ate at Uncle Maddio’s new location in Buckhead last night and my pizza connoisseurs were pleased! 
1) You get to watch (or in this case, harass) the pizza makers as they make your pizza!

2) There are numerous options to building your personalized pizza. Out of the 15 meat options, my boys stuck to their regular pepperoni with cheese version. I had a chicken sausage pizza with goat cheese and a wheat crust… so good!! They have 20 gluten-free options, 27 fresh veggies, hand-made crusts and meatballs – oh my!  I don’t have to feel guilty about giving my boys the food they LOVE!

3) As good as the pizza was, what I liked most, is that by the time we got ourselves situated in our seats, the pizza was coming to our table. HALLELUJIAH! Fresh pizza, casual dining and fast service – I would definitely go back!

Uncle Maddio’s is opening new locations all over the place. Check out their website at for more information.


9 thoughts on “Build a Pizza at Uncle Maddio’s

  1. Oooooh, my tummy growled reading this entry and I had pizza for dinner yesterday. I LOVE PIZZA!!!! It’s my weakness. I can eat an entire pie… Okay, I never actually did because I know I’d feel guilty, but I ate 5 huge slices once and could have had more but my husband wanted some so I had to share. He was kind enough to give me all his crust though. HA.

    Your boys are TOO cute. Oh, they are going to be trouble with the ladies.

    • Hi Rachel!!! Oh girl – they serve 9″ pizzas here so you could totally eat a whole pizza. It just melts in your mouth! Especially when you’re eating the wheat crust one (b/c you feel like it’s healthy). Don’t you hate when you have to share … with HIM!! (j/k) Thanks for the compliment!! They are already trouble (the youngest is) with the ladies. Your baby is getting so big – I feel like it was just yesterday you were posting pictures of her crawling – she’s adorable!

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