Are You Going to Be Good? Book Review

Of course, I HAD to pick this book up when I saw the title!  I mean really, how many times have I asked my own boys this question before going out??

Author Cari Best tells a story of a young boy who is going to his great-grandmother’s 100th birthday party… and it’s got all of the ingredients of fun.
 –          Going out at night
 –          Attending a birthday party
 –          Eating CAKE
 –          Playing and dancing

 Of course, he gets into trouble and is  reprimanded by grown-ups. I mean really, what else is a 5-year-old to do at a grown-up party that had chicken with mushrooms and onions for dinner and no toys? In the end, the one who appreciates his childlike curiosity and frivolousness is the guest of honor – his great-grandmother! They cut the rug (dance), eat candy and have a ball! Thinking of my own grandfather who lived to be 100 years and 2 months old, the last lines of the book got me misty-eyed.

“I can’t wait till next year,’ says Robert.
“Neither can I,” says Great Gran Sadie.

Brian Caras’ illustrations from a child’s point of view were so on point! Overall,  the book didn’t arouse a huge reaction from my boys, but I know they could relate and I think they enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “Are You Going to Be Good? Book Review

    • I think this book is really more for fun! Oh but there’s a lot of lessons in the beginning when the parents and sibling were trying to teach the little boy manners (please and thank you) and “no running, no jumping.” But of course all of that went out of the window and he got into a lot of mischief. But you could use it for what you are talking about – whether or not it will work … well??? Thanks so much for the comment tho!

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