Save My Son: “It’s a Movement”

Are you a mother at the end of your rope? Is your son out of control and only getting worse? TV One’s new show, Save My Son, may be able to help. But the process won’t be pretty. Educator Steve Perry really gets in the business of the young Black boys – and their families – who are on the show.

This is the most productive, hard-hitting reality TV show I’ve seen.  I’m not going to regurgitate numbers, but statistically young Black males are almost predestined for prison or death at an early age.  Honestly, I don’t think any of us has a solid reason or solution to this epidemic. 

But Steve Perry is fighting to reshape the lives of these Black children who have fallen by the wayside.  And these are not all stereotypical low-income situations either. I love that about the show! You are certain to find similarities to your own family structure.  As a mom to two young Black boys, I’m paying attention!

Remarkably, Dr. Perry gets in the head of these boys, which is hard to do with ANY teen –  male, female, Black, White, whatever. I learn something every time. I recommend that you tune in Wednesday nights, 9pm EST. 

As Dr. Perry says, this is a show and it’s a movement! Because our sons are worth saving!


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