The Boy Who Wouldn’t Share: Book Review

The title is accurate, this little boy did NOT want to share. And he’s got oodles of toys – enough to spare. Matter of fact, near the end of the story, I was wondering if he’d come around. And then, a child after my own heart, he caved in for the luxury of chocolate. 🙂 

This tale, written by Mike Reiss and illustrated by David Catrow, is well put together. The illustrations are intense (look at the cover), yet engaging. The story is uncomplicated, yet honest and reads in a lovely rhythmic tempo. 

My boys love this book! They instantly responded to the emotions and stubbornness of the little boy (as if they’ve never been such way 🙂 ). And yet, the little sister in the story is so meek, there’s no collision between the two (which is also not so realistic in our world).

I think the boy’s resistance to sharing resonated with my boys and left a positive impression about the value of sharing. We’d definitely recommend it.


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