The Three Christmas Gift Rule

I love the Christmas season – I do (no matter what you’ve read on this blog.) 🙂

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But I had to chuckle when my girlfriend told me about a Christmas gift tradition that she will soon start with her two children called the 3 gift rule.  It goes like this: since Jesus got three gifts for his birthday, then her children will only be receiving three gifts each for Christmas. It looks like others share in this same tradition as well. And it’s not really about the money (well not for everyone).  But it’s about teaching children the true meaning of Christmas and detracting from how materialistic it’s gotten.  Besides, a lot of our children get so many things all year, this is not a form of ‘gift deprivation.’  I can’t wait to hear how  it goes for her.

Here are some people who already practice this.
* Three Christmas Gifts
* Save money and simplify things by setting a limit on Christmas gifts
* Gifts of Three for Christmas

Do you have any Christmas gift traditions?


10 thoughts on “The Three Christmas Gift Rule

  1. I love the idea of setting limits on gifts with immediate family. Not only does it return emphasis to the spiritual, it makes people give deeper thought to the gifts they ultimately give.

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  3. We kind of did the 3 gift rule this year, but only because we have way too many toys to organize and put away already 🙂 It is always so fun to go shopping for children, kind of like reliving childhood by browsing through similar toys/characters that I used to love as a kid. It’s hard to limit, but at the same time, would she appreciate a new Barbie or dinner for a week? lol

  4. I told my boys this year that they could only put three things on their christmas list this year. They had to really think about it. I didn’t even think of the three wisemens’ gifts. Great way to explain WHY I said only three gifts. I love this.

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