7 Reasons Your Son Should(not) Play Football

As a result of this post, I will be attending an NFL Health and Safety Event next week. If you have certain concerns, questions you’d like answered, please comment! I can’t wait to share what I learn!

I am so torn on whether or not my son should play football! (Believe it or not, his dad is too!)  Here are some reasons why he should(not) play …

  1.  NFL coaches wouldn’t even let their sons play. “I was able to ask two NFL head coaches if they would let their sons play football. Both said no. They cited the speed of the game and the elevation of serious injuries…”  via Should My Kid Play Football? A Sports Reporter and Mom Weighs In
  2. But it’s a ‘passage to manhood’ thing. “There are .. players who are trying to prove something to themselves. They are trying to prove they are not afraid… ” via Why You Should Let Your Son Play Football
  3. It’s too dangerous, barbaric, and the head traumas are harmful.    Is Football Too Dangerous
  4. But there is more awareness around concussion prevention.  via Take Concussions Out of Play
  5. Even Terry Bradshaw Wouldn’t Let Son Play Football  Wait, isn’t he a Hall of Fame Quarterback who won 4 Super Bowls?
  6. But newly designed helmets are now available (even if they do cost over $300) via Can a Helmet Protect Your Child from Concussions?
  7. Maybe we’re all overreacting. Just let them PLAY!  via Football Concussions not Scaring Kids Away from Friday Night Lights

So, what’s my answer? I still don’t know – although my 5 year-old has already asked to play several times.  Honestly, he could care less about the ball, he just wants to run and TACKLE! Yes, he ‘bumps’ into everything and everyone – all the time! He runs into the wall thinking IT should fall down.

It’s hard to resist his innocent longing, so my response has been similar to what this man said in …  Sports Doctor Answers “Would I let my son play football?”   “Yes, son, I will let you play football. Now let’s go outside and practice your field goal kicking.”


7 thoughts on “7 Reasons Your Son Should(not) Play Football

    • Thanks for replying Carly! It’s more surprising (and yet confirming) that people who have experience being around and/or playing football are the ones who are also against their children playing it … like my hubby who I thought would have been more excited about our boys playing football!

  1. I agree; growing up playing football myself, I would never, EVER pressure anyone into the game. There are so many other, safer, activities out there to choose from!


    • Thanks for the response! I’m wondering what’s the most comparable but yet not as dangerous – we are trying soccer for now – maybe we’ll try karate later? (at least that teaches discipline 🙂 )

  2. Hi there! (GSMM mom here!) This is my first time visitng your blog! I have a 7 year old son and I never wanted him to play. My husband does, but my son doesn’t care about it. He wants to do soccer, basketball, karate and track! I asked him why he doesn’t want to play football, he said, “I am not that tough!” LOL!!

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