Book Review: Go Away Dog!

I love this book by Joan Nodset and illustrated by Paul Meisel because it mirrors an experience with my boys.  We don’t own pets so my boys are the oddball children who weren’t born with an affinity towards dogs (this is what a dog-owner once implied). go away dog

Anyway, this little boy is approached by a playful pup and he consistently shuns the dog’s affections. The dog jumps and rolls and wags and the eventually makes his way into the boys’ heart. My sons were intimidated – no FRIGHTFUL – of dogs at first.  After a few friendly encounters, they’ve learned to love them. Now my youngest says it isn’t fair that he doesn’t have one!

This is a super easy to read book with delightful pictures and a wonderful story. However, I’m wondering if it encourages kids to befriend strange dogs! You know, you have to be cautious! 🙂


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