Bad Mommy Moment #974: Cavities are Contagious!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! But it’s also the first time my oldest was treated for a CAVITY!

Oy vey! The shame! It’s a bad mommy moment that’s not even funny. But while you can’t laugh at my pain (get the Kevin Hart reference), I hope you can learn from it! Here’s where I think we went wrong: Boys Brushing Teeth

* We brush twice a day… well… for the most part. We’ve upped the consistency on that. 
* I was letting him brush by himself. (I thought he was doing a good job 😦 ) And I would follow-up most times. Now, I brush his teeth for him all the time – and I let him practice.
* I don’t buy hard candy, but I packed raisins in his lunch – almost everyday. (They are his favorite!) Yeah – he even had a piece of raisin in his mouth when he went to get the cavity filled! These have been axed from his diet and replaced with grapes. Grapes are more expensive but not as much as the bill to get that cavity filled! 

 Apparently, I’m not alone. You’ve got to read this article claiming that cavities are contagious! Crazy, right? Wrong! The dentist said my youngest is also showing signs of a potential cavity – IN THE SAME TOOTH as my oldest! Ugh – the article reads …

     “…cavities are the most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.”

Who knew? Well, YOU do, now! Check out the American Dental Association’s website for fun activity sheets for the kids and more tips.
Alright, alright, alrriiigghhtt! (again, Kevin Hart – I’m done now)…


Bad Mommy (and Daddy) Moment #1,378

School has been back in session for 4 weeks and already I’ve done about three poster assignments! Kindergarten and pre-k is a LOT OF WORK!

The first assignment was due the Friday before Labor Day. We had to get our truck serviced, the laundry done, the refrigerator went out… needless to say that poster didn’t get turned in until the following Wednesday! Already my child is turning his homework   in late. Nope, the dog didn’t eat it; his parents are SLACKERS!

So, when this next poster assignment came up, we wanted to turn it in early! Surely we’ll get brownie points for that – right! My 3 y. o. also had a poster assignment similar in nature but different. Well, my loving husband came home with both poster assignments on the same day and we got right to work on them… coloring and pasting pictures that are particular to each child’s likes and habits.

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Bad Mommy Moment #16: No Tooth Fairy

Brace yourself … this is a bbaaadd one.

My oldest lost his two bottom teeth.  But, not at the same time.
He actually took the first tooth out himself while at the playground (yes, that playground ).  He handed it to me right before climbing the rock wall. 

The second time slips my mind where and how it happened – but it was kinda more of the same. So, the bad mommy moment comes in what happened next – which was nothing. I did preserve the tooth – but I didn’t do the ‘tooth fairy’ thing. I somehow haven’t been able to spin the tale of an imaginary, winged ‘fairy’ that flies into his room at night and takes his tooth and does God knows what with it – for whatever reason.

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Bad Mommy Moments: Kids are from Pluto

If men are from mars and women are from venus – then our kids are from Pluto. That’s right, it makes no logistical sense, but neither does communicating with toddlers – who (just like this graphic) change faster than you can blink an eye!  

Deutsch: ein rotierender Pluto. Gif-Animation ...

Image via Wikipedia

But I appreciate those who try to make sense out of it with parental tips and tricks posted in online articles and magazines. And a lot of them are pretty helpful, even if they are only reminding us of tactics we’ve already learned (and abandoned.)

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Bad Mommy Moment #78: Christmas Rush

Remember my Greta Grinch? Yeah – well – she emerged again Christmas morning.

First, I was pissed at myself for having to wake up 4am to wrap gifts because I drank too much egg nog and fell asleep Christmas Eve (and with my luck my kids would wake up at 5am). Then, I was pissed at my husband (it’s always his fault) because he too drank the egg nog and fell asleep before washing the dishes, cooking the macaroni and cheese, yada yada… In addition, I hadn’t finished decorating the Christmas tree, the house wasn’t completely clean, and my in-laws had already arrived.

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Bad Mommy Moment #287

I had a bad mommy moment yesterday. I hate the ones that are on public display – so everyone knows that you messed up! Let me explain … my 4y.o. goes to a private school which means he wears uniforms. Uniforms!

I have come to love the uniforms for several reasons:
1) It’s cheaper to outfit children in uniforms everyday (my husband says he even read in a study. I’ll have to look that up and give it to you later).

2) It saves BOO KOO (aka – tons of) time in trying to plan outfits for the week (I am no fashionista and have enough of a challenge dressing myself  – so I LOVE this.) Of course, I also wore uniforms as a child so this could permanently and negatively impact his fashion aptitude as well.

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What the Hell, Bad Mommy!

My 4 y.o. is an extreme whiner.

I don’t know if you are truly embodying the magnitude of what I’m calling ‘whining.’ It’s not a low murmur or a sing songy talk – it’s a loud bawl and protest about God-knows-what because I can’t even understand him!  It could be a knick on his finger, or maybe a lost toy, or a dropped piece of  candy.

But to hear it grates my nerves worse than finger nails on a chalk board.  I would record it and post it here, but I’m afraid we’d be picked up by the authorities (and the Guinness World Book of Records) for the most indecent, sound-barrier breaking behavior by a minor. And knowing my luck, THAT would go viral.

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