Heartbreak Playground

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At the playground – you know?
That’s where he saw this cutie … (music group ABC/ BBD)

Well, she was alright looking at most, but my 4-year-old was enamored with this little brown-skinned girl – easily a couple years older than him – wearing red rimmed glasses and two bobbled pony tails swinging down her back.

My son ‘flirts’ with little girls on occasion, but not often. He’s sorta bashful – but not really shy. He gathered the nerve to approach this girl, but then stood next to her awkwardly.

He muttered something about playing and she lashed out abruptly – GET AWAY FROM ME!

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Moms and Matters of the Heart

I just read an article and video on moms, stress, and heart disease on thestressedmom.com. Great information and hilarious video! You’ve got to watch the video…

“February is National Heart month. More and more women are being diagnosed with, and even dying from heart disease. Most of us know the important things to do to take care of your heart. Many of you are doing those things, like eating decently healthy, and getting some exercise (if chasing kids count). You don’t smoke, you have a few glasses of red wine a week…”

But there is a symptom that’s sneaking up on us – read the rest of the story

3-Year-Old Boy Has Tantrum Over Discontinued Hostess Muffins

Okay – this is kinda funny!
Does your child have a favorite food that he would have a tantrum over if it’s discontinued? Maybe if I told my oldest that Chuck-E-Cheese’s has gone out of business he’d be upset, but the youngest would be happy not to see the mouse anymore. 🙂

I’m Rich Grinch!

This is still one of my most popular posts. As I start to feel a little anxiety over the coming holidays, I need to read this again 🙂 .

I may lose some followers over this (please don’t leave!) – but I have to vent. I have an alter ego that surfaces every year around this time as I get frustrated, overtaxed, and worked up with this tradition of ‘buying presents’ for Christmas. Her name is Greta Grinch.

Did you ever stop to think, who started this whole gift exchange thing during Christmas? Who came up with the brilliant idea that we –

  • Make a list of people we like, love, respect, don’t like but we’re related to, don’t respect but we work with
  • Comb the depths of our souls to come up with SOMETHING they need, like, won’t throw away or re-gift
  • Search store after store, website after website, sale after sale to find the right color, size, model, make, and PRICE
  • Purchase , package, wrap, and mail some overpriced, undervalued  token that each recipient will spend two minutes opening and analyzing before moving to the next overpriced … you get the point. 

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5 Science Project Ideas for My Kindergartner

Science was never my strong suite. But I don’t want my son to feel that way. Yet, every time I think about my KINDERGARTNER having to do a science project – it makes my skin crawl! How am I to explain hypothesis and variables and predictions to him – and keep his (my) attention?

However, I’ve found some websites and some project ideas. (Did you see the video?) If you are in the same boat, hope this helps – and feel free to shoot some ideas my way too!

1. What is the best way to wash your hands? (This one would be useful!)
2. Does the temperature underground vary as much as the surface temperature? (Digging in the dirt? That would be fun!)
3. What shape bubbles can you blow? (Blowing bubbles as a science project? Oh, he’d LOVE  that!)
4. Can food coloring change the color of water? (Water play is always a winner.)
5. Do girls have better manners at the shopping center than boys and men?  Whoah! Is that politically correct? Interesting, but we’ll think I’ll pass :-).

Honestly, in the end, this science project might not be so bad – and dare I say – fun? But I’ll still probably hand this off to the DAD!

7 Tips for Rookie Soccer Moms

If you are about to put your child in a sport –  like soccer – for the first time, considering this:  

  • Take a lawn chair… unless you want to sit in the grass. Are there benches at the practice field? Take a chair anyway because there may be no room and you’ll end up sitting on the grass. When you sit on the grass, you start itching and twitching and the children get distracted. You don’t want to distract the children! 
  • The children will be distracted. Whether you itch, twitch, roll or fan, the children will be distracted  by you, or another team, or a butterfly…
  • Take something to read for the practices and not the games. Not sure how/why I got this mixed up. I was bored as hell at practice and at the game my book got trampled –  since I was sitting in the grass.
  • Your child is going to kick the ball in the wrong goal… more than once… even though you are hysterically gesturing and pointing the other way.
  • The same child that kicks everything in his path will not be able to connect his foot to the ball while on the soccer field. Still baffled by this phenom. Continue reading

Friday Favorite: Boy Moms vs Girl Moms

This post may seem a little stereotypical, but gosh darnit – I think it’s kinda cute and really funny. Hey, I can relate 🙂 So, this post on myblankenworld is my Friday Favorite!

*I* am the mother of boys.  This is a fact.  I have been since birth.  Frogs, toads, lizards, snakes, small or large rodents – always my favorite…pink – definitely not. Dirt, cow-pies, canals and pastures are where you could find me.  Happily…clean – definitely not.


As I was watching folks at the soccer arena (where I spend all my free time now), I made an observation.  *Parents* of boys and girls are different, not just the kids themselves. click here to finish reading …