Heartbreak Playground

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At the playground – you know?
That’s where he saw this cutie … (music group ABC/ BBD)

Well, she was alright looking at most, but my 4-year-old was enamored with this little brown-skinned girl – easily a couple years older than him – wearing red rimmed glasses and two bobbled pony tails swinging down her back.

My son ‘flirts’ with little girls on occasion, but not often. He’s sorta bashful – but not really shy. He gathered the nerve to approach this girl, but then stood next to her awkwardly.

He muttered something about playing and she lashed out abruptly – GET AWAY FROM ME!

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Tip: My 9y.o. Son Pees in the Bed!

A 9- year- old boy kept peeing in the bed during his sleep.
He’s academically advanced, sports inclined and all-around healthy. But, he couldn’t seem to help this behavior. His mom was frustrated. She was concerned. She called the pediatrician and this is what he said:

Tell him to stand at the toilet for 30 more seconds. (What?)
He should stand at the toilet for 30 more seconds after he ‘finishes’ peeing.

“I thought it was strange when he would go pee and come back in less than 2 minutes,” his mom said. Turns out he wasn’t fully emptying his bladder. After he tried lingering at the toilet for 30 seconds, he stopped peeing in the bed.

He still pees in the bed occasionally, because sometimes he forgets.
But, the incidents have decreased dramatically.

Do you have a tip or a concern that you want to share? Email me and let me know!

3 Reasons to Workout with the Wiggles

I made a New Year’s resolution to workout and lose weight (really original, right? 🙂 )… but one of my challenges is scheduling my workouts. So, I’ve started working out with the Wiggles show which works because … 

1) it’s got a lot of cardio moves – look at the amount of kicks and jumps in this video!
2) my kids love the show and the dancing anyway; hopefully it will tire them out as much as it tires me out.
3) it’s a free workout! (I always love free) No gym membership required!

I could probably do the same with the Fresh Beat Band – but those moves are too complicated for me :-).

3 Reasons Suction … Sucks!

Ooohh! I can’t stand seeing a child with a runny nose and snot just oozing down his face and clumping up on his top lip. And it gets worse when he takes the back of his hand wipes it across his cheek leaving a streak of yellow snot glue – or he sticks his tongue out and snatches it into his mouth like a frog catching a fly. YUCK!!  

If he’s two and under, he can’t help it.  That’s when you know it may be time for the dreaded task of suction. You may disagree, but I think suction is almost worse than changing a poopy. Let me tell you why …
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Merry Christmas 2012!!

Merry Christmas! 

Hubby made breakfast, the boys are already fighting over gifts, the Disney parade’s got us feigning for a trip … it’s Christmas 🙂 ! Thankful for it all!

christmas tree

Santa’s Been Busted

If you’ve been following me at all, you know I have not been touting the mystical figure of Santa Claus to my kids. But they’ve been talking to their friends and watching television (I think their teachers are even talking about Santa) so they are catching on.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

This morning, I was wrapping some gifts to be shipped to my parents, and my three-year-old ‘caught’ me.  He surveyed the gift wrapping paper, bows, and boxes and decided, “Mommy is Santa Claus!”

I’m not going to lie. I smiled and nodded. “That’s right son.”

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SAFESKIN for Kids Saves the Day – Win Free Sample

It felt weird.
But once I received the SAFESKIN* sample in the mail, I was actually waiting around for my kids to hurt themselves (eek!). You know, a scrape or a cut or something?! Normally, it happens every other day, right? Not so much in the ‘winter’.

Nothing that a trip to the grandparents’ didn’t cure, with the Florida weather and open play area.  When my youngest scraped his knee, through his jeans, grandma called for Neosporin but I whipped out my SAFESKIN* tube.  

It was most important that I could the bandaid on without it slipping off, that it didn’t hurt, and that it healed the bruise.  It succeeded! The texture of SAFESKIN isn’t greasy at all and the scrape was practically healed overnight! 

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3 Things Blogging Has Taught Me About Giving

I’m thankful for being able to blog and to YOU for reading my blog :-). Of course, when I started blogging, there were some goals and aspirations I had in mind. But I didn’t anticipate the lessons on giving.  Here’s what blogging has taught me about giving …

* Give love a chance – blog love that is. If your goal is to increase your viewership, it ain’t gonna happen until you help others increase their viewership first. You’ve got to give blog love to receive blog love!

* Give readers …something – whether it’s useful information, an interesting video or picture, or a good laugh. It’s not all about you – it’s about what you can GIVE if you want to maintain a following.  

* Give something personal – successful bloggers have mastered the art of sharing just enough personal information. Be yourself and let others get to know the real you! This is a challenge for me in person – but blogging helps me do this with a little more ease.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Free Forum for Parents Raising Boys

Found a website called theboyhoodproject.com  and they are hosting a FREE teleclass for parents raising boys. See below for more information …

Raising Boys Today: A Forum for Parents is a FREE monthly call designed to support parents raise emotionally intelligent boys through kind and firm parenting. By offering valuable information in relevant topics and useful parenting tips for immediate implementation, we help parents take the stress out of parenting boys. The call concludes with a Q+A session open to all participants.

Monday, November 26th
9:00pm – 9:45pm

Register here TODAY: http://tinyurl.com/bcuobto

I’m Rich Grinch!

This is still one of my most popular posts. As I start to feel a little anxiety over the coming holidays, I need to read this again 🙂 .

I may lose some followers over this (please don’t leave!) – but I have to vent. I have an alter ego that surfaces every year around this time as I get frustrated, overtaxed, and worked up with this tradition of ‘buying presents’ for Christmas. Her name is Greta Grinch.

Did you ever stop to think, who started this whole gift exchange thing during Christmas? Who came up with the brilliant idea that we –

  • Make a list of people we like, love, respect, don’t like but we’re related to, don’t respect but we work with
  • Comb the depths of our souls to come up with SOMETHING they need, like, won’t throw away or re-gift
  • Search store after store, website after website, sale after sale to find the right color, size, model, make, and PRICE
  • Purchase , package, wrap, and mail some overpriced, undervalued  token that each recipient will spend two minutes opening and analyzing before moving to the next overpriced … you get the point. 

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