Moms and Matters of the Heart

I just read an article and video on moms, stress, and heart disease on Great information and hilarious video! You’ve got to watch the video…

“February is National Heart month. More and more women are being diagnosed with, and even dying from heart disease. Most of us know the important things to do to take care of your heart. Many of you are doing those things, like eating decently healthy, and getting some exercise (if chasing kids count). You don’t smoke, you have a few glasses of red wine a week…”

But there is a symptom that’s sneaking up on us – read the rest of the story


Bad Mommy Moment #974: Cavities are Contagious!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! But it’s also the first time my oldest was treated for a CAVITY!

Oy vey! The shame! It’s a bad mommy moment that’s not even funny. But while you can’t laugh at my pain (get the Kevin Hart reference), I hope you can learn from it! Here’s where I think we went wrong: Boys Brushing Teeth

* We brush twice a day… well… for the most part. We’ve upped the consistency on that. 
* I was letting him brush by himself. (I thought he was doing a good job 😦 ) And I would follow-up most times. Now, I brush his teeth for him all the time – and I let him practice.
* I don’t buy hard candy, but I packed raisins in his lunch – almost everyday. (They are his favorite!) Yeah – he even had a piece of raisin in his mouth when he went to get the cavity filled! These have been axed from his diet and replaced with grapes. Grapes are more expensive but not as much as the bill to get that cavity filled! 

 Apparently, I’m not alone. You’ve got to read this article claiming that cavities are contagious! Crazy, right? Wrong! The dentist said my youngest is also showing signs of a potential cavity – IN THE SAME TOOTH as my oldest! Ugh – the article reads …

     “…cavities are the most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.”

Who knew? Well, YOU do, now! Check out the American Dental Association’s website for fun activity sheets for the kids and more tips.
Alright, alright, alrriiigghhtt! (again, Kevin Hart – I’m done now)…

7 Reasons Your Son Should(not) Play Football

As a result of this post, I will be attending an NFL Health and Safety Event next week. If you have certain concerns, questions you’d like answered, please comment! I can’t wait to share what I learn!

I am so torn on whether or not my son should play football! (Believe it or not, his dad is too!)  Here are some reasons why he should(not) play …

  1.  NFL coaches wouldn’t even let their sons play. “I was able to ask two NFL head coaches if they would let their sons play football. Both said no. They cited the speed of the game and the elevation of serious injuries…”  via Should My Kid Play Football? A Sports Reporter and Mom Weighs In
  2. But it’s a ‘passage to manhood’ thing. “There are .. players who are trying to prove something to themselves. They are trying to prove they are not afraid… ” via Why You Should Let Your Son Play Football
  3. It’s too dangerous, barbaric, and the head traumas are harmful.    Is Football Too Dangerous
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Needed: More Attention to Boys’ Development

I totally appreciate and agree with this article as we’re dealing with some similar issues now. I recommend reading it.

NY Times: By Perri Klass M.D. boys development

When you learn how to examine the female reproductive system in medical school, you generally work with a professional surrogate patient, and there is often a humiliating moment when you try to palpate the ovaries only to be told, in no uncertain terms, that you are way off-target. At such a moment, the male reproductive system seems quite simple and accessible.

Yet simple it is not. Recent research suggests that we should be paying closer attention to male development, not just to help boys understand and care for a particularly sensitive and vulnerable part of their anatomy — but also to help answer larger questions about what is happening to boys and their growth.
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3 Reasons to Workout with the Wiggles

I made a New Year’s resolution to workout and lose weight (really original, right? 🙂 )… but one of my challenges is scheduling my workouts. So, I’ve started working out with the Wiggles show which works because … 

1) it’s got a lot of cardio moves – look at the amount of kicks and jumps in this video!
2) my kids love the show and the dancing anyway; hopefully it will tire them out as much as it tires me out.
3) it’s a free workout! (I always love free) No gym membership required!

I could probably do the same with the Fresh Beat Band – but those moves are too complicated for me :-).

Boy with Autism Recovers After Gluten-free Casein-free Diet

November is National Gluten-Free Month
While a gluten-free diet is advocated for those suffering from celiac’s disease and/or autism, the pros and cons for abiding by a gluten-free diet have been hotly debated. I haven’t started a gluten-free diet personally or with my boys, but I am more aware of how much processed food/ snacks we eat and I’ve been cutting back.  Thankfully, my boys do not have autism, ADD or ADHD but I don’t want to feed them too much of ANYTHING that could make them more hyper!

Have you tried a gluten-free diet for you and/or your child? If so, why and how did it go?   

My Son is Stuttering

 My precious two-year-old, who spoke in sentences at 18 months, has started stuttering. For months, his teachers have commented on how he’s leaps and bounds ahead of his peers in his verbal abilities. He may not name all of his colors or count to 20, but he can hold a reasonable conversation and convey what he wants and how he feels.

Until now.  
I didn’t pay attention at first to the slight stutter. I figured he was mimicking one of his friends . Then he progressed seemingly overnight. Now, he scrunches his face, tightens his eyes, even pauses his breathing, and then gags on a letter sound until he forcefully juts out a word – “W –w-w-w-w-w-where is my car?”

It’s painful to watch – and hear- and it breaks my heart.

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Parody of the Penis

Are you paralyzed when hearing the word “penis”?

I guess it’s not part of your run-of-the-mill conversation…and yet, we were talking about penises at my job just the other day.

Seems that my coworker and friend was quite taken aback that my sons use the word – penis. She couldn’t imagine HER 4y.o. son using that word because it seems like only adults should be allowed.

I guess it is sorta shocking or maybe even disruptive to hear. Honestly, my munchkins comment so much on their penises that I’m desensitized to it.

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10 Ways I Got My Kid to Eat Veggies

I’m no Holly Homemaker – but I have had marginal success on this matter.  My kids eat (or have eaten) broccoli, apples, plums, peaches, carrots, salad (yes salad), cauliflower and more.

Are you having veggie trials in your home? Here are a few tips …

1)       You go first!
Let your child observe you eat salad, apples, some broccoli – and ENJOY it! You have to be a live commercial for eating the healthy stuff. (“Mmmm these are really good carrot sticks!”)  This should be genuine and reoccurring! Not one fake ditch to get him to do it. If you don’t like brussels sprouts and don’t eat them – don’t expect him too either. And you thought this was only about getting HIM to eat veggies 🙂

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Halloween Health Scare – for Moms and Dads!

Haribo Liquorice Pontefract Cakes

Image by hddod via Flickr

As costume-clad kids get ready for a night of trick-or-treating, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a warning for candy-loving grown-ups: Too much black licorice can cause heart problems. The old-fashioned favorite contains glycyrrhizin, a chemical that can trigger a dangerous drop in potassium…

via Halloween Health Scare: Beware Black Licorice Overdose.