Friday Funny!

So, it’s a little corny – but definitely good for some laughs …


3-Year-Old Boy Has Tantrum Over Discontinued Hostess Muffins

Okay – this is kinda funny!
Does your child have a favorite food that he would have a tantrum over if it’s discontinued? Maybe if I told my oldest that Chuck-E-Cheese’s has gone out of business he’d be upset, but the youngest would be happy not to see the mouse anymore. 🙂

Bad Mommy (and Daddy) Moment #1,378

School has been back in session for 4 weeks and already I’ve done about three poster assignments! Kindergarten and pre-k is a LOT OF WORK!

The first assignment was due the Friday before Labor Day. We had to get our truck serviced, the laundry done, the refrigerator went out… needless to say that poster didn’t get turned in until the following Wednesday! Already my child is turning his homework   in late. Nope, the dog didn’t eat it; his parents are SLACKERS!

So, when this next poster assignment came up, we wanted to turn it in early! Surely we’ll get brownie points for that – right! My 3 y. o. also had a poster assignment similar in nature but different. Well, my loving husband came home with both poster assignments on the same day and we got right to work on them… coloring and pasting pictures that are particular to each child’s likes and habits.

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Bad Mommy Moments: Kids are from Pluto

If men are from mars and women are from venus – then our kids are from Pluto. That’s right, it makes no logistical sense, but neither does communicating with toddlers – who (just like this graphic) change faster than you can blink an eye!  

Deutsch: ein rotierender Pluto. Gif-Animation ...

Image via Wikipedia

But I appreciate those who try to make sense out of it with parental tips and tricks posted in online articles and magazines. And a lot of them are pretty helpful, even if they are only reminding us of tactics we’ve already learned (and abandoned.)

Yet, sometimes they really get on my nerves …like this one that made it to Continue reading

Friday Favorite: Boy Moms vs Girl Moms

This post may seem a little stereotypical, but gosh darnit – I think it’s kinda cute and really funny. Hey, I can relate 🙂 So, this post on myblankenworld is my Friday Favorite!

*I* am the mother of boys.  This is a fact.  I have been since birth.  Frogs, toads, lizards, snakes, small or large rodents – always my favorite…pink – definitely not. Dirt, cow-pies, canals and pastures are where you could find me.  Happily…clean – definitely not.


As I was watching folks at the soccer arena (where I spend all my free time now), I made an observation.  *Parents* of boys and girls are different, not just the kids themselves. click here to finish reading …

Wordless Wednesday: This is so wrong!

I know this is sooo wrong (the pics, not my wig 🙂 )… but I wore a wig to work last week.  I have a habit of ripping that sucker off the minute I’m in the house. Of course, the boys grabbed it and almost mopped the floor with it before I could wrangle it back – but then we were playing around and … well … the results are below … As if we didn’t already have gender issues 🙂 (just kidding, we’re good!)

Boy Talk on Bridesmaids Movie

I won’t be doing movie reviews on this blog (I don’t think 🙂 ), but when I saw this movie – and this particular scene – I thought of my fellow boy moms. For those of you with older boys, is this slightly true or over-exaggeration?
(FYI – The word that is deleted is semen)
Anyway, I thought it was hilarious!
I’m late on seeing this movie, I know, but we are moms so we are entitled.