The Three Christmas Gift Rule

I love the Christmas season – I do (no matter what you’ve read on this blog.) 🙂

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But I had to chuckle when my girlfriend told me about a Christmas gift tradition that she will soon start with her two children called the 3 gift rule.  It goes like this: since Jesus got three gifts for his birthday, then her children will only be receiving three gifts each for Christmas. It looks like others share in this same tradition as well. And it’s not really about the money (well not for everyone).  But it’s about teaching children the true meaning of Christmas and detracting from how materialistic it’s gotten.  Besides, a lot of our children get so many things all year, this is not a form of ‘gift deprivation.’  I can’t wait to hear how  it goes for her.

Here are some people who already practice this.
* Three Christmas Gifts
* Save money and simplify things by setting a limit on Christmas gifts
* Gifts of Three for Christmas

Do you have any Christmas gift traditions?


The Parenthood Walk of Faith

Our youngest is the dare-devil.
You should see his eyes glitter and his mouth twist into a grin when he’s about to engage in foolery. And then he laughs when you reprimand him. Like when he was about to go down a particular slide — which he’s done a ton of times on his BOTTOM. But this time he decided to stand up…

“Sit down,” my husband – his daddy – told him.


Slide (Photo credit: mrpbps)

He laughed.
“Sit down NOW,” my husband’s voice was more stern so our son obeyed – momentarily. My husband looked in another direction to check on our oldest son and quickly looked back to the slide – just in time to see our youngest go airborne, slam into a pole and crash into the ground with a horrific thud.  He rushed to our child’s side, scooped up his limp body and repeatedly called his name – only there was no response. He wasn’t breathing…

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Bad Mommy Moment #78: Christmas Rush

Remember my Greta Grinch? Yeah – well – she emerged again Christmas morning.

First, I was pissed at myself for having to wake up 4am to wrap gifts because I drank too much egg nog and fell asleep Christmas Eve (and with my luck my kids would wake up at 5am). Then, I was pissed at my husband (it’s always his fault) because he too drank the egg nog and fell asleep before washing the dishes, cooking the macaroni and cheese, yada yada… In addition, I hadn’t finished decorating the Christmas tree, the house wasn’t completely clean, and my in-laws had already arrived.

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Where is the North Pole?

This is courtesy of a good friend who has an almost five-year-old boy of her own and who is waay wittier than me…

son: Where does Santa live? 

mom: The North Pole.

son: Where is the North Pole?

mom: Next to heaven.

Have you had the Santa talk with your child?
Honestly, I’ve been avoiding it but I guess I need to come up with something since I’m sure my oldest is hearing something from his friends. I always said I wouldn’t tell my kids about Santa since I work too hard to get them toys (and everything else) anyway. Besides, there is also the ‘real reason for the season.’  But I don’t want to spoil the fun either.

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Books and Booty

I’m proud of my child.

At four, he’s taught me an easy way to remember all of the books of the Old Testament. This came in handy last Sunday when I had to turn to Obadiah.

On the other hand, he’s also infatuated with touching his booty.